Red Lanterns #22 Review by Scott Miller



         Red Lanterns had been losing me for a while now. Atrocitus had all but lost his authoritative demeanor and became a confused, unsure mess of a king. Him being the main draw of the book for me, my interest went with his authority and confidence. I was attracted to Atrocitus based on the mystique that comes with not knowing a character’s backstory. Plus he was crazy powerful and full of righteous rage. One of a storyteller’s dream combinations. With his death, I figured this would signal the death of my interest in the book. I was wrong. 

        His death freed up Charles Soule to restructure the Red Lanterns. A confused dictator is bad for business. All this book needed was a little Guy Gardner. Don’t get me wrong, the reds aren’t the brightest bulbs in the spectrum. All Gardner needed to do to be named leader was…

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