Can’t Knock the Hustle: Impressions from my first dealer’s event


By Nick Saunders

This past Saturday I hosted my first dealer table at AZ Collectors Marketplace. I was extremely happy with how things went; I sold some merch and got to spend the day socializing with some great local collectors and sellers. If you could see me right now, you’d probably be clowning because I’m glowing like a pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior.

While everyone at the event was kind, welcoming, and supportive, I definitely observed a vendor hierarchy right off the bat. The veteran sellers took the opportunity during set-up time to check out the new tables and do some picking before the general public came in. Many of the newer folks (myself included) are selling out of their personal collections and willing to sell below market rate to move product. The veteran guys know this and use it as a mutually beneficial opportunity to help new guys sell and to replenish their own stock. I actually had Grey from G.I. Joe vs. Transformers stop by while I was setting up shop to buy up a few of my items, so I had my vendor fees covered before the doors even opened up. The straight ballin’ had commenced.


I met some cool guys at the show and got to talk shop about this awesome hobby of ours, and share tips on customizing, repairs, photography, etc. I don’t really have any friends who collect besides my brother and my cousin, so it was a new and enjoyable experience to interact with other fellow collectors somewhere besides an online forum. Also, it was all friendly banter without the passive-aggressive, flame-ridden, troll-like aftertaste I often observe online.


Although a lot of work both in preparation and execution, I really enjoyed myself. It didn’t feel like a day at the office, which was a fear I had when first contemplating getting back into selling. I was even able to nab a couple of sweet items for myself, which was a nice reward for my efforts.



While a small first step in my pursuit of eventually owning my own storefront, it was a huge milestone of the progress I’ve made in a relatively short timeframe. I’m already making plans for my next table scheduled for 9/7, and will continue to get my hustle on to the absolute fullest.

Until next time folks!


2 thoughts on “Can’t Knock the Hustle: Impressions from my first dealer’s event

    1. figureBOMB Post author

      Lol mostly that none of them are worth what I paid for them originally, and that to make a profit will be extremely challenging :). Thanks for reading man!


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