Ben Affleck Is Signed for Multiple Movies as Batman

Killing Time

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One of the biggest questions I’ve had since the casting of an “older Batman” was decided, was how was this going to play into DC’s plan to build an integrated film universe? Was Ben Affleck going to do a one-off as a grizzled old Batman and then they’d reboot the franchise? In short, no. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck is signed for “multiple movies should sequels continue to proliferate.”  What does that mean?  Well it likely means that there’s going to be a solo Batman film with Affleck; in fact, I’d be willing to guess it’ll be the next DC movie after Superman vs. Batman.  It also means that Affleck will be the Batman who will be in the Justice League movie (whenever that happens).
Ben Affleck, Batman,I’m of two minds about this.  If Affleck is good in the part, then fine; continue.  Have a story plotted though…

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