figureBOMB Review: Transformers Constructbots Triple-Changer Blitzwing


By Nick Saunders

Figure: Blitzwing

Line: Transformers

Sub-Line: Construct-Bots

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Size Class: Triple-Changer

MSRP: $24.99 (U.S.)

Availability: General


Okay, anyone who has been following my Instagram and Facebook feeds will know that I am completely hooked on Hasbro’s new sub-line, Construct-Bots. These buildable figures were released to mass retail in mid July, and feature many classic Transformers characters.

While I have already purchased almost all of the first wave figures, I enjoyed Blitzwing so much I chose to focus on him for my feature.


Like all figures from the Construct-Bots line, Blitzwing features the standard “skeleton” frame which makes him compatible and interchangeable with all other sets. Being a Triple-Changer class figure, he comes with a ton of accessories and parts, allowing him to convert to a robot, jet, or tank. Unlike the Transformers Kre-O line, covered previously here, Construct-Bots are fully transformable and do not need to be broken down and reassembled to change modes.



Robot Mode:

With all of the accessories packed with this figure, Blitzwing is armed to the teeth. He comes with two small gatling guns, a blaster rifle, as well as a tank turret and additional blaster with launching missiles. All he needs is a survival knife, some rope, and a friend nicknamed “F-A” to be a full-fledged Boondock Saint.


I am somewhat disappointed that he has the same chest mold as Soundwave, and would have preferred they found a way to make it feature more of a cockpit-type appearance like his Generation 1 namesake. I also wasn’t thrilled at first to see he had a re-colored Ironhide head, but it looks great up close. Plus they remolded the face to give him a nasty Tony Montana sneer that just screams, “I kill a communist for fun.” Overall it is menacing and easy to customize to your liking.


Jet Mode:

I found it a bit irritating that the instructions do not show a method to transform Blitzwing into his vehicle modes in a way that would allow you to use all of the included parts. That being said, I was able to accomplish this by applying ingenuity that can only be honed from years of playing with children’s toys.


The Jet mode is the better of the two, which makes sense since most of the parts included were designed for this purpose. It is most definitely Top Gun caliber hardware. As I made the conversion and began snapping my photos, I could hear the sweet sounds of Kenny Loggins playing in my head, along with visages of a semi nude Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise vying for volleyball supremacy.


Tank Mode:

I use the word “tank” loosely here, as it is a bit of a stretch. “Jet-like car with tank-like turret” is a more appropriate name for this mode, but much too wordy to be included on the packaging. I was able to get a decent ground vehicle configured, but once again it strays from the instructions because I wanted to utilize all the parts. Kind of like how hunters try to use all parts of an animal carcass, but without all the unsavory blood and puking.


While not the best representation of a tank in this mode, it still is an excellent vehicle form, with enough protruding blades and firepower to satisfy even the bloodthirstiest Road Warrior.


Overall I’m really digging this figure, but have one final criticism: the price. The difference in included accesories doesn’t justify a $10 price hike from the Elite class figures ($14.99 price point). Despite this, if you can get over the premium price this figure is a solid purchase and will look great on any shelf- B+.


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