Bombed On but not Bombed Out

It has been a long while since I have been able to post on figureBOMB, and it feels good to be back. Like lounging in my favorite chair with the nacho cheese stains and threadbare cushions, figureBOMB is where I can always feel comfortable being me- for better or worse.

A couple of months ago I received news that my day job (think the Daily Planet for Clark Kent but less intriguing) was being eliminated. So, as I have spent the last several weeks hunting like Kraven for a new place to maintain my alter-ego, I have not had the time to spare to post my musings here or at The Comixverse. While I still have not quite landed on my feet, I recently decided to ease up on my tireless pursuit of an income source and get back to the things I enjoy- writing about and photographing toys.ย As a result, I haven’t felt this good since first getting my walking papers.

So anyways, I plan on linking some new material up here that I recently penned for the ‘Verse, and make sure to check out my Instagram feed for all of the new photos I have been putting up. They’re hotter than Kate Upton wearing a habanero bikini.ย Below are some samples to whet your collectively awesome whistles.

As always, thanks for sticking it out with your boy and allowing me the pleasure of spewing nonsense for your reading enjoyment.


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