About the Author


My name is Nick Saunders, and I’ve been collecting Action Figures and various other toys since I was about 5 years old. I’m a meat-eating, toy-hoarding, prehistoric man-child. I’ve never grown out of collecting toys, and don’t ever plan to.

At one time or another I’ve collected virtually every major toy line from the 80’s, and this is where my expertise primarily lies. Transformers make up the vast majority of my current collection, but I also collect Masters of the Universe, DC Universe Classics, and Marvel Legends. Previous toy lines I have collected include TMNT, Star Wars, Spawn, Gundam, MASK, Gobots, ToyBiz Marvel/DC, and most of the Kenner Batman lines.

I don’t adhere to the stereotypical misconception that you need to possess a disheveled appearance and substandard social skills to be a fan of comics and toys. If you feel the same, join me on this journey of the wickedly awesome and unquestionably nerdy. Enjoy.

Updated 1/23/2018

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