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Bombed On but not Bombed Out

It has been a long while since I have been able to post on figureBOMB, and it feels good to be back. Like lounging in my favorite chair with the nacho cheese stains and threadbare cushions, figureBOMB is where I can always feel comfortable being me- for better or worse.

A couple of months ago I received news that my day job (think the Daily Planet for Clark Kent but less intriguing) was being eliminated. So, as I have spent the last several weeks hunting like Kraven for a new place to maintain my alter-ego, I have not had the time to spare to post my musings here or at The Comixverse. While I still have not quite landed on my feet, I recently decided to ease up on my tireless pursuit of an income source and get back to the things I enjoy- writing about and photographing toys. As a result, I haven’t felt this good since first getting my walking papers.

So anyways, I plan on linking some new material up here that I recently penned for the ‘Verse, and make sure to check out my Instagram feed for all of the new photos I have been putting up. They’re hotter than Kate Upton wearing a habanero bikini. Below are some samples to whet your collectively awesome whistles.

As always, thanks for sticking it out with your boy and allowing me the pleasure of spewing nonsense for your reading enjoyment.



By Nick Saunders

Greetings all! Whether by hard work, an amazing stroke of luck, or both, this week I was offered a spot as a Contributor at The Comixverse, a fantastic website dedicated to all things geek. While I am transitioning into this new role, I will be temporarily decreasing the frequency of original posts here on figureBOMB. However, I will be posting updates and linking to my work at The Comixverse so you can continue following my spastic musings.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in pursuing this silly dream of mine from day one, and helped give me the confidence to continue my writing. Especially my amazing wife, who has tolerated all of my late nights spent getting this effort off the ground.

I also want to thank the editors at The Comixverse (Joe, Zedric, Troy, and Jason) for permitting my rantings to be published on their awesome site.

Ben Affleck Is Signed for Multiple Movies as Batman

Killing Time

fan made poster
One of the biggest questions I’ve had since the casting of an “older Batman” was decided, was how was this going to play into DC’s plan to build an integrated film universe? Was Ben Affleck going to do a one-off as a grizzled old Batman and then they’d reboot the franchise? In short, no. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck is signed for “multiple movies should sequels continue to proliferate.”  What does that mean?  Well it likely means that there’s going to be a solo Batman film with Affleck; in fact, I’d be willing to guess it’ll be the next DC movie after Superman vs. Batman.  It also means that Affleck will be the Batman who will be in the Justice League movie (whenever that happens).
Ben Affleck, Batman,I’m of two minds about this.  If Affleck is good in the part, then fine; continue.  Have a story plotted though…

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Fantastic Poster for Transformers: The Animated Movie by Tom Whalen

Amazing artwork from an 80’s classic!

Killing Time

I pity kids today.  They didn’t get grow up in the golden era of boy toys: Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, Voltron, etc.  We loved the stuff.  Couldn’t get enough.  If you don’t believe me, look at all the money being made by the movie franchises that have sprung out of those toys (and He-Man and Voltron are coming).  Even the Smurfs and Alvin & the Chipmunks were part of our Saturday morning routine.  They haven’t survived 30 years because Hollywood thought they were awesome; it’s because we grew up and wanted more stories from the characters we loved as kids.  Then Michael Bay ruined most of it….shake it off, man, shake it off.

Transformers: The Animated Movie came out in 1986 when the cartoon was drawing to a close.  It went another season past this, but the peak of its mania had past.  It’s still the best…

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Big Names Turn Cybertron “Dark” in November

Graphic Policy

Darkness falls on the Autobots this November in the comic book event Transformers: Dark Cybertron! This series pushes the Transformers characters to their limits, but they’ll have the help of some creative superstars on their journey. Joining writer and IDW senior editor John Barber and fan-favorite scribe James Roberts in a top-secret meeting earlier this year, the artistic force of Phil Jimenez helped plan Dark Cybertron from the start! “

Jimenez spoke about the upcoming event:

I’ve been a fan of the Transformers brand since I was 13 and this was a fanboy dream come true. The beauty of this story is it plays to the strengths of the characters and to my strengths as a storyteller; epic, world-shattering scale as well as those beautiful character moments that make readers care about a bunch of giant ‘Robots in Disguise.’

The war between the Autobots and Decepticons is over—but when the…

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Red Lanterns #22 Review by Scott Miller



         Red Lanterns had been losing me for a while now. Atrocitus had all but lost his authoritative demeanor and became a confused, unsure mess of a king. Him being the main draw of the book for me, my interest went with his authority and confidence. I was attracted to Atrocitus based on the mystique that comes with not knowing a character’s backstory. Plus he was crazy powerful and full of righteous rage. One of a storyteller’s dream combinations. With his death, I figured this would signal the death of my interest in the book. I was wrong. 

        His death freed up Charles Soule to restructure the Red Lanterns. A confused dictator is bad for business. All this book needed was a little Guy Gardner. Don’t get me wrong, the reds aren’t the brightest bulbs in the spectrum. All Gardner needed to do to be named leader was…

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