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My Time with Azog and the Ghastly Crotch of Doom

Not particularly being a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, I was concerned about my capacity for objectivity when my editor at The Comixverse asked me to review The Bridge Direct‘s 6″ Azog figure. Most of my thoughts towards Tolkien’s works can be best summarized by the character Randal in the film Clerks II, so I didn’t approach this task with my usual enthusiastic, ride-or-die zeal. Two months of procrastination later, I crawled out of my cave and gave it a whirl.

It turns out thatvAzog is a pretty sweet figure that I was able to take some great photos of, all while developing appreciation for a collectible outside my typical purveyance of transforming robots and superpowered spandex jockeys. His spooky loincloth had me at hello, without having to mimic Renรฉe Zellweger’s perpetual bitter beer face or shoplift the pooty to get the message across.

So, whaddya waiting for?! Go on and check it out here and feel free to share your thoughts.

A final warning to the weak of heart: beware of the phantasms emanating from Azog’s pelvis, lest they devour your mind and steal your soul.



Bombed On but not Bombed Out

It has been a long while since I have been able to post on figureBOMB, and it feels good to be back. Like lounging in my favorite chair with the nacho cheese stains and threadbare cushions, figureBOMB is where I can always feel comfortable being me- for better or worse.

A couple of months ago I received news that my day job (think the Daily Planet for Clark Kent but less intriguing) was being eliminated. So, as I have spent the last several weeks hunting like Kraven for a new place to maintain my alter-ego, I have not had the time to spare to post my musings here or at The Comixverse. While I still have not quite landed on my feet, I recently decided to ease up on my tireless pursuit of an income source and get back to the things I enjoy- writing about and photographing toys.ย As a result, I haven’t felt this good since first getting my walking papers.

So anyways, I plan on linking some new material up here that I recently penned for the ‘Verse, and make sure to check out my Instagram feed for all of the new photos I have been putting up. They’re hotter than Kate Upton wearing a habanero bikini.ย Below are some samples to whet your collectively awesome whistles.

As always, thanks for sticking it out with your boy and allowing me the pleasure of spewing nonsense for your reading enjoyment.

figureBOMB Update: Predators, Pacific Rim, and NYCC!

Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the relative quiet over the last few weeks, I have been quite the busy bee over at The Comixverse.

Since I last posted, NYCC has come and gone, I received my promotional samples from NECA, and I surpassed 200 followers on Instagram (click here to check out my feed)! I have really been focusing on improving my photography skills, and am really happy with the improvements I have made. Now I can actually use my own photos for reviews, and not have them look like they were taken with my VGA cellphone camera back in 2002.

So head to The Comixverse to check out my recent work, and as always thanks for stopping by. Just don’t ask to borrow any of my toys.


Transformers: Age of Extinction Optimus Prime severely underwhelmed me at NYCC


IDW announced an ongoing Transformers/G.I. Joe series at NYCC. Heck yeah!


Gipsy Danger, while battle-weary, still managed to impress this OCD reviewer.


The Nightstorm Predator looks like some sort of nightmarish Egyptian god, which is just fine by me.

Transformers: Generations Metroplex Review up at The Comixverse!


After many long nights of writing, editing, photography, conflict, and sacrifice, my long overdue purchase and review of Transformers: Generations Metroplex is finally in the bag! My epic journey that started at BotCon 2013, and ended two weeks ago at my local Toys R Us, is chronicled in full detail for your literary enjoyment. Hit the jump below to head to The Comixverse and see what I think of this super-sized, Decepticon-smashing, hardcore mofracken!

Honey, I Shrunk the Transformers (posted at The Comixverse)


What up loyal readers?! For this week’s edition of Maximum Articulation, I take some time to explore the economic causes behind the ever-decreasing size of Transformers, and the rise in prices for action figures in general.

I take a slightly more academic tone with this week’s subject; hopefully you all will forgive the temporary divergence from my typical debauchery. Hit the jump over to The Comixverse and check it out!

Hold That Pose: Hasbro and the Attack of the Stick Men (posted at The Comixverse)


I’ve posted my introductory article up on The Comixverse for my new column, Maximum Articulation. I explore the recend trend of Hasbro towards decreased articulation in their actuon figures, with the paleolithic tact you’ve come to expect from my writing.

Hit the jump to check it out!

Maximum Articulation | Hold That Pose: Hasbro and the Attack of the Stick Men



By Nick Saunders

Greetings all! Whether by hard work, an amazing stroke of luck, or both, this week I was offered a spot as a Contributor at The Comixverse, a fantastic website dedicated to all things geek. While I am transitioning into this new role, I will be temporarily decreasing the frequency of original posts here on figureBOMB. However, I will be posting updates and linking to my work at The Comixverse so you can continue following my spastic musings.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in pursuing this silly dream of mine from day one, and helped give me the confidence to continue my writing. Especially my amazing wife, who has tolerated all of my late nights spent getting this effort off the ground.

I also want to thank the editors at The Comixverse (Joe, Zedric, Troy, and Jason) for permitting my rantings to be published on their awesome site.